All business are currently required to separate the recyclable content from their general waste, but legislation is being discussed that could require businesses to separate the recycling into the individual waste streams, Paper/Card, Metal, Plastic etc. which would create a number of new challenges.

Waste hierarchy

Social and Environmental pressures are forcing companies to look at their waste and how they can improve things to reduce their carbon footprint. Reduce, Reuse and recycle are ways companies improve their waste practises

Compost and Energy Recovery are ways SDS minimise the impact your waste has on the environment.

Landfill is a last resort as this has the biggest impact on the environment.

Time vs Money

It is very easy to simply throw all your waste in one bin and let someone else deal with it, but for what little time it takes to separate the various streams, the financial savings and environmental benefits will make it worthwhile. Mixed recycling collections are approximately 30% cheaper than general waste, and single stream waste could actually produce a small revenue.


At SDS we work closely with the business community to help them meet their waste obligations, increase their recycling, reduce waste going to landfill, and ultimately lower their waste disposal costs. Our team will visit your business and work with you to find solutions to your waste needs.