Stages of landscaping and grounds maintenance for commercial sites

Initial site survey to assess what plants/trees to be retained/moved.
Architectural plans drawn up with outline of landscaping.
Detailed landscape design drawn up, which includes plant types and numbers (either actual number or numbers per square meter, landscaping materials being used, depths of soils, sands, compost bark etc. What slabs, bricks, sleepers etc are to be used and how they are to be installed. Agree if hard landscaping is down to the building contractor or landscape contractor.
Liaise with groundworkers to mark which plants/trees are to be retained or moved, also where to stack existing top soil for future use. Cordon off any areas that are to be protected.
Periodic meetings with site agent and architect to update landscape plans if site plans change.
Periodic site visits to check plants/trees are being protected, topsoil is not being contaminated and sitewaste not being buried. Report any damage and agree course of action.
­­Once building works are nearing completion, make sure building waste has/is removed from site and not being buried, start groundworks.
Once landscaping is complete, but prior to sign off, all work needs to be checked: depth of topsoil, depth and type of bark used, plants, shrubs and trees need to be counted and their health assessed. Check that lawns have been laid on appropriate materials. Make sure trees have watering tubes. If irrigation is being installed, make sure it is suitable and functions properly. Any dead, dying or poorly planted lawn, plants, shrub sand trees need to be replaced at this stage.
Agree the maintenance programme of the grounds; frequency and hours of visits to water, cut, prune, weed etc.
Once building and landscape works are signed off then maintenance of the entire project passes from contractors to developer/owner, the maintenance contractor needs to start.
Monitor maintenance programme and assess the work, adapt schedule as required.